A Jew-ish Wedding at Poundon House - Philippa & Jerome

A Jew-ish Wedding at Poundon House - Philippa & Jerome

Jew-ish Wedding at Poundon House

Heading down to Bicester this summer to film Philippa & Jerome’s Jew-ish Wedding at Poundon House  was something I had been looking forward to for several months. An outdoor wedding in the country surrounded by lush fields and beautiful British summer we had been enjoying this year! First time at Poundon House and what a stunning venue. A family run country house on the Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire border. Poundon House has been a family home for 35 years and is available for weddings and functions and in this instance, a mega party!!.

Outdoor Wedding Fun

Philippa & Jerome had planned to have an outdoor ceremony way before the freakishly hot summer hit this year and going off past experience getting good weather in the UK can be a ‘roll of the dice’. Fortunately it happened to be one of the best summers on record so there was never any doubt as we arrived on the morning of the wedding. The crew at Poundon House had started setting up the Chuppah so we shot some footage around the grounds and then headed up to see Philippa as she had her make-up done. It was a fairly relaxed affair, Jerome got ready upstairs with his bestman and the excitement started to build as we got nearer to the ceremony time.

Jew-ish Wedding at Poundon House
Philippa walks down the aisle

A Cultural Mix

It was great to film all the best bits of a mainstream wedding but also add in the elements from a Jewish wedding. The Chuppah looked stunning outside and provided some much needed shade during the ceremony and the couple used many of the traditions from a Jewish wedding including the smashing of the glass at the end. When all the guests entered the marque for dinner the couple entered to an eruption of cheers and went straight into the Israeli dancing. The sheer atmosphere was electrifying and the energy was at a level I have rarely experienced before.

Into Israeli Dancing
The couple run down the aisle together
Israeli Dancing
Towards the end of the Israeli Dancing

On into the Evening

After the speeches and cutting of the cake came the first dance followed by some lively music into the early hours. We headed back and reflected on what an awesome days shooting we had had, lots of great footage, spectacular scenery and some of the nicest people you could wish to meet. Thanks Philippa & Jerome:)

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