A Brompton Oratory Wedding - London

Brompton Oratory wedding video in London

Its great to shoot at grand locations just as it is to cover less informal events. We loved filming this beautiful Brompton Oratory wedding. Its fair to say we get to travel to some amazing places across England and also Europe. This is a privilege we never take for granted and with each new wedding we film we approach it with the same enthusiasm as we did when we first started filming. Its our passion and we plan in great detail how we can capture the best angles, the most emotive moments not forgetting the most emotive sounds. Sound is incredibly important within a wedding video, especially at Brompton Oratory in London. Its such a huge place with incredibly high ceilings, it also has an amazing choir who regularly perform there. Its so important that we cover all the bases in terms of making everything sound authentic.

Make-up goes on before the wedding
The bride gets ready just before the wedding.

Discrete filming

The last thing we want is to be intrusive. Our whole style is based on being able to blend into the background. This way of working allows us to get the best possible coverage in a natural and organic way. No false set ups or fake smiles here, every single moment is beautiful as the day unfolds and key moments are caught forever. Having worked at the Oratory many times we are very familiar with the protocol there. As a matter of course we always open a dialogue before the day so we know when we can get access and what restrictions will be in place on that day. I have to say the Head of Sacristan is always good to work with and a highly professional individual. It makes our job on the day so much easier when you have positive individuals around you and a great working relationship. Here is a short clip of a wedding we filmed at the Oratory.

Other London weddings

This Brompton Oratory wedding is a fine example, but of course we not only shoot weddings in one location we shoot all over London and beyond. We absolutely love travelling to new places and enjoy the challenge it brings when we film at a different location. I don’t know what it is about weddings, I guess it must be in our blood but it has enriched our lives so much and we are humbled by some of the lovely people we have met over the years.

We would love to be part of your day and even if your just at the early stages of planning please call or email us for a chat. Let us hear your story:). We don’t have a long list of complicated extras and add-ons, just one simple package which includes all day attendance with two camera operators. Shooting on the latest and best kit available to deliver you a great quality product in terms of sound and vision on a two disc DVD set. Believe me your gonna love what we do for you!! No additional costs for travel, accommodation or additional DVD’s just one price of £1749 fully inclusive. Providing you with a high level movie you wont want to stop watching, just read some of the reviews at the bottom of the page.

Brompton Oratory Wedding
The setting before the wedding

Why choose us?

Its simple really, you have spent so much time and money putting your day together it makes sense to capture it in the best way possible. We have experience that surpasses most others when it comes to filming a Brompton Oratory Wedding in London. Our combined skills and experience allow us to put together a beautiful film that you will want to share with all your friends and family for many years to come. Its a timeless movie that you will treasure above everything else once your wedding is over. We ask you to consider investing in your future. Your wedding film will become an anchor in your life, showing the moment you both made a commitment for life. Something your children and your grandchildren will be able to witness for many years. Call or email us for an informal chat about how we can help you or to discuss your Brompton Oratory wedding.

Bride and groom


Words of praise for our work

“We have just watched the highlight you posted for us. I am literally speechless, its so amazing to see our day and so many memories came flooding back. John who wasn’t really bothered about a wedding video cant stop sharing it BTW”
Sarah & John (Newcastle)

“Steve, thank you so much for the wedding film. We had such a great time on the day and things just flew by in a haze. I’m so pleased we chose you and your lovely team to film our wedding. Watching our DVD is like re-living the day again, we both felt all the emotion and cried and laughed. Great job.”
Rennie & Alastair (London)

“Thanks you so much for your tireless work. I don’t know how you guys do it. We hardly noticed you on our wedding day but looking back at the DVD it seems you were everywhere. Every little detail is there and I cant believe we considered not having a wedding video at all. I’m so thrilled with what you did for us.”
Jodie & Nigel (London)