A Wedding in France - French wedding video

Filming and working in France – A French wedding video

As many of you may know we have for some time offered our services internationally. We have filmed a number of weddings in France, Spain and Italy. We have found that many couples prefer to work with a UK filmmaker to video their wedding  and so we have put together a bit of info on what we do. I sincerely hope it helps when planning your own wedding in France or other international destination. This french wedding video is one of several we have covered over the years. Feel free to check out our French wedding video which was shot at the beautiful Chateau La Durantie just outside Limoges in Lanouaille, South France last year.
French wedding video

Bride getting ready

Experience filming in France is a must

I think for the most part its very tempting to bring in a cheaper option and allow the filming to be carried out by a lesser experienced shooter. Many couples are choosing this root and Im sure in some instances it can work. The media is littered with disaster stories of videographers that have ruined a couples day because of their incompetent coverage. Its worth noting that filmaking is a skill and more so shooting a documentary (which is essentially a wedding) is an art. Keep in mind that Hollywood spends millions of dollars on a production. Often using hundreds of staff and taking months or years to produce a 90+ minute film which quite often flops. Yet a wedding videographer has one day to shoot with no re-shoots. He or she must put together a timeless story of your day. It should have filmic qualities, great sound and excellent picture quality. I think this analogy is more so important when you consider International weddings and filming weddings in France or abroad. Not only does it mean the team will often be working in an unfamiliar environment. They will also have to carefully consider the kit they can travel with whilst keeping costs down. In short its not for the faint hearted and best left to a professional company that has experience of filming weddings internationally.
Walking down the aisle at the Chateau

The wedding dress

The brides shoes

How we work to create your wedding video

I think the most important thing I can stress is that ‘WE LOVE WEDDINGS’. We love our job and its just part of who we are. It shows in our attitude and how we work with you on your wedding day. We also don’t set up or rehearse anything, from our perspective we want to get the best possible footage we can. For us we can only do that when whoever we are filming is acting natural. Its great to see people enjoying the day and savoring the moments. Our best work is when we record those natural moments. Those expressions or sounds, its incredible satisfying and takes real skill to anticipate when at what will happen.

When we produced this French wedding video or when we film weddings in any country for that matter we are heavily reliant on pre-planning. Things like what kit can we take, who speaks the language. A schedule of the day with locations, what restrictions there may be filming locally and many other issues which we cover before travelling. We arrive at least the day before the wedding and try to meet at the venue if possible. We usually allow a few days for our international weddings. Always trying to get as much general footage of the area and country as possible. As most couples are using their time as a holiday also its important that we give the wedding video a sense of place by including these elements.
A hug just before the wedding

Chateau La Durantie

The wedding cake