An Ashridge House Wedding - Hayley + Sean

An Ashridge House Wedding - Hayley + Sean

I always look forward to filming or photographing at Ashridge House I mean whats not to like? Its a stunning venue, it is set in beautiful countryside, has some of the most beautiful landscaped gardens I have ever seen oh and the staff are a pleasure to work with also. Anyway I could wax lyrical all day about this Ashridge house wedding but let me share some of the juicy details about this beautiful day.

Wedding video venue
Hayley & Sean – An Ashridge House Wedding

A Country Wedding

Hayley and Sean had decided to marry just outside the Ashridge estate at a beautiful country church almost at the end of the lane from Ashridge House. The church was delightful, bounded by open countryside and with gardens in full bloom. I headed there early as I hadn’t shot at this church before and bumped in to Sean and the groomsmen as they were dressing the church ready for the ceremony. I always find this time super exciting, all the preparations and planning have culminated in today and the excitement is infectious.

After a short time getting a feel for positions and such I went back to Ashridge and covered Hayley and the girls getting ready. I’ve heard other photographers and videographers comment about challenging lighting in old stately homes but I tend to find this natural light is so much better than modern venues. It gives character and a depth to shots that you don’t get in other places and I love the feel of the warm tones on a sunny day as the light streams in from the windows.

The brides shoes

The Wedding Ceremony

I was blown away to see all the guests arriving together on a beautiful London bus, the weather had held up and the sun was shining so there were lots of smiles from the guests as they enjoyed the atmosphere. The vicar was very accommodating and the photographer and I had a small space just in front so we could get some nice shots of the processional and have a good view of the ceremony.

Hayley arrived looking a little nervous and I headed into the church to wait for her to walk down the aisle. I’m sure every couple is different but I know from experience this is a very emotional time. Ive seen pretty much every conceivable reaction over the years from laughter to tears so Im not easily surprised. Im pleased to say they both looked excited to see each other.

Wedding reception

And the sun kept shining

I love it when the day just keeps getting better! Back at Ashridge the couple made an entrance down the grand staircase and cut the cake. The reception followed and all the guests enjoyed some quality time taking in the views and relaxing on the terrace or walking through the grounds. After a short while we headed inside for the wedding breakfast and were treated to several speeches to wind down the days events and get ready for the party.

Wedding speeches

Filming at Ashridge

If your a regular follower no doubt you will know we have covered numerous wedding at Ashridge House over the years, check out our other films here or drop us an email if you would like more details on our service. We now offer photo and video packages that start at £2300 for all day attendance.

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