Award Winning Films from Cedar House Productions

We had some excellent news back in September informing us we had been shortlisted as a finalist in the Institute of Videography’s Best Documentary category. Around the start of the year we produced a great little doc called ‘Moral Panic’ based on a Manchester Indie-rock band. Id known the lead singer for quite some time and he embraced the process of documenting there build up to a performance with their new lead guitarist. I have to say it was a challenge and considering the short time frame we had to work with I honestly didnt think we were going to make it, but we did and you can see a little snippet below!

So you may be asking yourself what the heck has that got to do with filming weddings? well quite a lot actually, considering a wedding film is basically documenting what happened on your wedding da,y only in a more stylish way. I think the innate principal is the same, one of storytelling and allowing the day to unfold without controlling the course of events. Some of the best documentaries also have a great story to engage the viewer, a human interest which we all connect to. When I look back on the experience of producing ‘Moral Panic’ I realise what a great time we had, shooting steadicam in the middle of the German market in Manchester city centre was insane to say the least. People were looking at the band starstruck as if they were ready to grab a quick autograph. It also gave me an insight into student life in Salford and a glimpse at some of the talent that has come from Salford Uni over the years, its quite a place with a sub culture all of its own.

I will be posting a couple of Wedding highlights on here over the next few weeks so keep checking back and as always feel free to comment.

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