Charlotte & Jonathan - A Jewish Wedding in London

Absolutely loved shooting Charlotte and Jonathans wedding in London at the Marriot Grosvenor. It followed the lovely wedding day of Simeon and Olivia who were close friends and we had ventured down south to film their day the previous week. The ceremony was held at The Western Marble Arch Synagogue just a few short steps from Oxford Street, Park Lane and Hyde Park in the centre of London. The synagogue is beautiful and has some lovely stain glass windows and great lighting, It was actually the first London Synagogue to preach sermons in English. Whilst adhering to strict orthodox principles and it has a nice contemporary feel to it.

Im glad to say we were blessed with some incredible weather again and Charlotte and Jonathan being the fun couple they are were able to enjoy a spot of table tennis in the park (I kid you not). It was particularly nice to be able to travel with Charlotte to the synagogue and experience all the pre-wedding nerves that we would normally miss out on, being able to capture this was so special. My son Simon was second shooting for me and got some lovely shots of the guys pre-ceremony when they arrived at the synagogue and to say they were in high spirits would be an understatement. Such a fun day and I have to say that Jonathan had a beaming smile all day long, clearly so happy and just taking in the moments. Enjoy

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