Château de Challain - Lulu & Jacques

Such an amazing time filming Lulu and Jacques wedding in France. They had chosen the beautiful Château de Challain in the Loire Valley area and the place is just incredible. This wedding was the first of two wedding we filmed during our one week stay in France, filming at Chateau de Challain and then travelling down to the Dordogne area later and filming at Chateau La Durantie. Spending a week in rural France during the summer was just amazing and we thouroughly enjoyed our time there. I have to say at this stage a huge thanks to our hosts during our stay firstly at Moulin Geant in Loire Valley and also Chambres d’hôtes in Brouillac for looking after us while we were there.

I dont know what it is about French Chateaux weddings but they have a very relaxed feel about them, I think its the french way to be a little laid back and Im sure the lovely weather helps. What the film doesnt actually show is the brief down pour just minutes before the ceremony and I have to commend Cynthia and the crew at Chatea Challain for doing a remarkable job of negating any impact this had on the day, it really was a sight to see everyone running round taking chair covers off and then drying the area before resuming the days events one hour later when the weather decided to behave itself. I could go on about what a memorable day this was but hopefully the highlights provide a brief glimpse of what a special time everyone had. Enjoy!

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