Chinese Wedding Video London

Chinese Wedding Video in London

As a seasoned professional we have covered many Chinese Weddings in London and creating a Chinese wedding video (婚礼录影) requires a high degree of skill. Its such a beautiful ceremony with many traditions throughout the day which we capture faithfully in a none intrusive way. So many Chinese Weddings vary from place to place. Each one of them including more or less of the traditional rituals (仪式). An example of the more westernised marriage usually forgoes welcoming the bride as part of the ritual. In practice some weddings include a wedding procession of the bride’s family which stops at the door of the groom’s home. This sometimes includes the groom now arriving at the brides home with his groomsmen. He may then have to carry out certain forfeits in order to see the bride (新娘). An ever more popular place for a chinese wedding is Brompton Oratory in London, its a huge church and is steeped in history. We have covered numerous events here and always enjoy filming at such a grand location.

Chinese wedding video

The Wedding Ceremony

The traditions have changed over the years but its always nice to see each couple put there own stamp on the wedding. For example tradition dictates that the couple would pay respect to the Jade Emperor. The patron family deities, paying respect to a deceased ancestor, the bride and groom’s parents. They may also include other elders, and paying respect to each other. This is now for the most part either left out of the ceremony. The couple may embrace a slightly westernised tradition of lighting a candle as a way of paying respect and in remembrance of deceased ancestors.

One of the things that is common place in a Chinese wedding video is the unique tea ceremony. I’m not sure exactly where this comes from but its a great way for them to spend a little time seeing each guest. The taking of Tea has several meanings in Chinese culture, it can be used as a mark of respect where a younger family member offers tea to an elder. It can be used as a way of apologising and the offering of tea is sort of ‘an olive branch’. Of course we all know it as showing gratitude and celebrating the wedding. In the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bride and groom kneel in front of their respective parents and serve them tea and then thank them. This is a way to express their gratitude for a good upbringing. On some occasions, the bride serves the groom’s family, and the groom serves the bride’s family. This symbolizes the joining together of the two families.

The family enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony

Why Choose Cedar House?

Ok besides us having filmed several hundred weddings for over a decade we at Cedar House are passionate about providing the best Chinese wedding videography we can. We love what we do and are genuinely excited by the prospect of shooting new and more challenging weddings. Whether you have a grand ceremony with lavish reception and evening party. Maybe you just have a low key event where you want a relaxed laid back atmosphere we are the best choice. We also provide one of the most competitive pricing packages for high end wedding cinematography. Additionally we not only have great kit and some of the best quality cameras for shooting weddings. We are also highly skilled in film making. We have a flexible approach and would love to hear about your day. Please give us a call or drop us an email, we would love to hear from you.

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