Chinese wedding videography London

Chinese Wedding Videography London – Ancient Marriage Customs from the Orient

Traditional Chinese marriage customs are the corner stone of our Chinese wedding videography service in London. The cultural roots of this kind of ceremony go back thousands of years. Its fair to say that many brides and grooms want to include the traditional elements from the past. Often the wedding is a grand affair with elaborate formalities. A significant number also embrace more westernised traditions and encompass a combination of catholic and Church of England rituals. This is mostly to celebrate their settlement in Europe as well as remembering their roots.

There are eight elements that make up the wedding day traditions. These go back several thousand years and include the marriage proposal, birthday matching. The marriage divination, presenting the betrothal gifts, agreeing the wedding date. The agreement of the dowry, welcoming the bride to the wedding and of course the formal wedding ceremony.

Chinese wedding videography London
Chinese Wedding videography London

Ancient Customs

Birthday matching took place when the grooms parents would enquire about the name of a suitable bride for their son. They would ask for her date of birth. This information would be given to a fortune teller along with their own sons name and date of birth. The fortune teller would then assess the couples suitability for marriage. This was refereed to as marriage divination. If they were a suitable match the families would then plan the wedding and select a suitable date after consulting the fortune teller.

The family enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony
Chinese Tea Ceremony

Welcoming the Bride

The process of welcoming the bride and performing formal bowing rituals has all but disappeared from more westernised Chinese weddings now. This seems to have been replaced with more fun games where the groom is made to carry out a series of forfeits before he can gain access to the bride. When providing Chinese wedding videography London we have seen these games vary from fairly mild to quite challenging. Grooms may be asked to sing karaoke style to the whole wedding party as part of the forfeit. This is great if you have a groom who is an accomplished singer. In our experience we seldom see this but it always provides great amusement for everyone.

A large part of the wedding involves a delightful Chinese wedding banquet. This is a large part of the wedding and although the cost for the banquet is normally split between the parents or possibly the bride and groom. Historically the groom was responsible for this. As Chinese wedding videography London has evolved we have seen a shift in attitudes over the years, both in term of how the wedding is paid for and how the whole day is shaped.

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Why choose us?

The crew at Cedar House want to give you the best possible wedding film possible. Our passion and combined skills have helped us become leaders in creating truly stunning examples of Chinese wedding videography. We embrace all the elements and customs of your day and celebrate them in one superb and classically styled film. Something which will stand the test of time and certainly become a timeless piece of art that you and your family can share throughout the generations.



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