Hayley & Craig - The West Tower Aughton

I must confess I had been watching the forecast all week before Hayley and Craigs wedding and it was always going to be touch and go as to wether it would rain or not. The West Tower is a lovely place but  made so much nicer with a bit of sunshine and I also love St Thomas church where the ceremony was held, its a nice country church and quite special inside. Im happy to say that despite the odd minor shower we were treated to some glorious sunshine and beautiful blue sky. Its been quite a while since we filmed at the West Tower and it was lovely to be back, the place is stunning and has some of the most beautiful countryside surrounding it.

I couldnt help but smile looking back at the footage and the moment of anticipation as Hayley paused part way through the vows, Im not sure if she did it on purpose but I could practically see Craig willing her to finish and the whole congregation holding their breath. It was a lovely moment, but then looking back through the rushes there are many like it. All in all a fantastic wedding and great party in the evening!


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    Hi Steve

    Just watched the teaser…..Hayley cried all the way through it. Thank you so so much.

    Does she say yes?? Haha what a cliffhanger…CANNOT WAIT to see the full version!

    Even in that we both have seen moments we missed during the day, it is absolutely brilliant.

    Thanks again

    Craig and Hayley

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