Sam & Nick - A Brookfield Manor Wedding

Cant believe we were blessed with such incredible sunshine on this lovely weekend. We hadnt filmed at Brookfield Manor but after a bit of research I knew it was a stunning venue, especially outdoors! I had been watching weather forecasts all week and when Sunday arrived I knew it was going to be something special. First time meeting Sam and Nick also but I felt like I knew them, we had covered the wedding of several of their friends (see Jaymie & Rob, Emma & Nick) and potentially Richard & Jo fingers crossed! So a lot of familiar faces there.

It was also great to work with the lovely Linda Abrahams and her team again who event planned the whole day and is always a pleasure to work with. It was pretty much eutopia for us, great outdoor venue, hot sunny day and lots of happy people! We could have been filming in the South of France and it wouldnt have been better. The day flew by and everyone one enjoyed a great party and entertainment courtesy of Storm International Showband, who were exceptional.

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    Awesome teaser! Can’t stop watching it.

    The moody music in the background is amazing, thanks so much again.


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