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Firstly, thanks for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy browsing through some of the weddings we have covered. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a great job! Filming a couple’s wedding day is one of the most rewarding things one can do, and we don’t take it lightly. Having traveled the length of the country I can honestly say we have been lucky enough to work in some of the most beautiful locations, but that’s not the best part of what we do.

We are based in Manchester but travel extensively and the majority of our work is around London and home counties. We also offer filming throughout Europe and worldwide, so wherever your wedding takes please we can film it!! We are a small team who are passionate about our work and look forward to the challenge of new and more exciting weddings.

It’s fair to say that over the years we have been lucky enough to work with some incredible couples, with their own unique stories. Most have been on an emotional journey and experiencing the joy of their wedding day with them is an incredibly enriching experience. We work hard to convey the feelings and emotions that were present on that special day through to the finished wedding film. We don’t just want to document the day but produce something that will be timeless and continue to provide years of enjoyment by allowing couples to re-live one of the best days of their life.

Wedding videos Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas

At Cedar House we produce some of the most cutting edge wedding videos Manchester, Cheshire and indeed across the UK. Our business has been running for over ten years now and in that time its been our privilege to film and video weddings as far away as South America. I have to emphasise we absolutely love what we do and its that passion that really shows through in our work. Our combined skills and progressive thinking allows us to create truly stunning work on a level seldom seen in wedding videos. Producing high end wedding films is our core business and as you would expect we approach this with a level of professionalism commensurate with the importance of the day and the event itself. Our style is very much reportage and we believe the best footage comes when you, your family and guests are in their most relaxed state and naturally enjoying the day and all the emotion that is experienced during the course of the wedding. Its no small wonder that many photographers enjoy working with us as well as other vendors due to our discreet style of shooting.

Wedding Videos Manchester
Discrete filming is the cornerstone of our business. This couple cut the cake during their wedding reception.

Over the years we have covered many wedding videos Manchester and Cheshire areas, and also a great number all across the UK. The reason for this we believe is because we are recommended by so many couples. We also dont just cover the conventional weddings and we have in the past filmed quite a few unusual  weddings which you dont see often, these range from a gothic style wedding held deep in the forest to a fairytale wedding where the bride and groom were announced as a Queen of the fairies and Prince of the Knights respectively. Its great to see such variety and we love the challenges that each new wedding brings, many times we wax lyrical about what a great job we have and how much of a privilege it is to cover someones wedding day, its a job we never take for granted and many couples comment on our enthusiasm and pleasant disposition when working with them.

A beautiful Wedding Video from Manchester Town Hall
Beautiful wedding held at Manchester Town Hall – Our creativity comes as standard

One of the many challenges companies face in our business is producing something that is highly creative as well as an amazing record of the day. I think wedding film makers get caught up in a documentary mindset and forget about the choices they have on the day, things like shooting location, control of elements in front or behind the subject, dynamic camera movement not to mention sound acquisition, I could write an entire blog post on sound alone its such an important factor and so often overlooked. Needless to say at wedding videos Manchester we feel our experience combined with academic background in film and cinematography ideally places us to produce work which is of a very high standard.

Religious Ceremony Vs Civil Ceremony

Its important to appreciate the difference between both because many times there are greater restriction during religious wedding ceremonies when compared with civil wedding ceremonies. At wedding videos Manchester we often find there is little or no movement allowed in a church or synagogue where as there tends to be more latitude during civil ceremonies. Realistically its so important during these key moments for us to reproduce the emotion that you and your family are experiencing at this time and its critical to know where the best position is whilst allowing us to remain unobtrusive. We make a point of opening a dialogue with the Priest, Vicar or Rabbi before the ceremony commences and always work with them to maintain the purity of the sacrament. Its not just Christian or Jewish faiths we film, over the years we have covered different types of faiths including Muslim, Hindu, Catholic (for numerous nationalities), Jewish and Buddhist. Its great to experience the variety that different cultures embrace as part of their wedding.

An emotional wedding
An emotional moment when the father of the bride first sees his daughter before the wedding

A Few Final Thoughts

Its one of the most important days of your life and I get asked all the time if the cost of having a wedding video Manchester is actually worth it. Obviously I am slightly biased and I hear a lot of feedback from couples telling us how happy they are that they chose to have us film their day. I was once told by a groom that he had very faded memories from the wedding until he watched the wedding video, he then went on to say not only did it give him back moments that had passed but it also reinforced other memories he had of the day and his final words were “Its really an investment in your memories”.

Do it yourself

So Im sure you may think in that case why not get uncle Joe to film because he has a good camera, right? Wrong! Uncle Joe probably doesnt have as good a camera/cameras as us or indeed the high end audio equipment we use. Uncle Joe probably hasn’t filmed many weddings or edited many. He also doesnt have any knowledge of film language and why a particular shot/angle/framing would impart a unique feeling on the viewer, there are many other reasons why trusting your wedding video production to a friend or relative isnt a good idea but suffice to say if your budget wont allow for it dont destroy what memories you will have left by recording them ‘Blair Witch’ style. Here at Cedar House Productions we understand that everybody has budgetary constraints and thats one of the reasons we offer to shoot two FREE weddings every year, sometimes we are just so captivated by a great story and have to make a movie!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂